Get certified in Lash Extensions
Build a thriving Beauty Business


Why is it worth taking lash training with me?

If you want to become a successful lash artist.

If you want to know how to attract clients and deliver the best results to them.

If you want to start your own business right after courses - as smooth as possible.

You want to be trained by the lash artist who has years of experience and built the business as an ex-pat.

English-speaking lash courses in Denmark is what you have been waiting for.

Get to know Vita

Hey there! My name is Vita Jonus! I am a Multi-Certified Lash Master and the USA accredited lash extensions trainer in Denmark, who also teaches beauty business foundations. I've been in Lash World since 2013 and I’m passionate about this craft. My career gave me an opportunity to build a thriving business abroad, and freedom in my time. Helping women find their beauty and power inside & out leaves you feeling valued, confident, and inspired. Now, my goal is to give YOU an exclusive lash learning experience and to share my business knowledge, so You can start your inspiring journey and experience a career with limitless choices for growing as a lash master and a person.

Are you ready to...

Create an attractive portfolio right from the beginning?

It's not enough to just get trained at lashes, create an account and post something. Your content needs to represent you as a lash artist and showcase your values. And you want to do it in a way that stops your
to-be- clients in their tracks – with beautiful content.

Gain a killer lash

Diving into a lash world all alone after the one and only hands-on-model training might be... challenging. To put a lash in the right direction is Your mission is to empower women and make them feel beautiful - so they can have their very own unique and customized set based on your deep knowledge and expertise.

Start growing your lash business in Denmark?

Building a business on your own is an adventure. Building a business as an ex-pat is the whole other story. That was my initial WHY I created this course - to hold your hand when you are afraid to start and give you the smoothest start when you step on the route.

Invest & take your lash business to the next level?

As a solo lash business owner, you might be wearing many hats at once. Sometimes we feel stuck or undervalued. We attend class after class and gain different skills, but none, of these trainings, would give away a formula for lash business success. My mission is to show you that you are capable to achieve your career goals. Simply because I already believe in You.

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